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Lowcarbezine! 15 March 2000

(Not) Product Review

Okay, so I'm not reviewing a product this week. I actually have a product on hand I intend to review for you, but to be very honest, I'm exhausted -- got about 3 hours of sleep last night, or more accurately this morning -- and not hungry at all, so I'm not going to eat it! I'll review it next week.

In lieu of a product review, here's a letter from a reader in New York. Any of you who live in that area will be very glad to read this letter!

Hi Dana!

I just wanted to let you know how comforting it is to receive your 'zine every Wednesday and how supported I feel just on the first read through!

I was thrilled when my girlfriend told me about a store in my area called "Your Weigh to Success" They are a full service weight control shop offering a pretty staggering line of different diet foods, a lot of them low-carb! They do cater as well to the weight watchers and diabetics and to the low fat people as well but the low carb area was chock full of WONDERFUL surprises! They have whole wheat tortillas that practically cancel the carbs out on a carb/fiber ratio and bagels as well! Without sounding too carb obsessed I must say that I was thrilled to see a bread stuff that was not only not a cheat, but healthy and TOTALLY allowed! I have to say that as much as I LOVE my low-carb diet, I was missing that mouth thing that only bready stuff provides.....We hit pay-dirt, girlfriend!!

They carry all kinds of syrups made with the as yet unattainable (here) "SPLENDA" and Atkins shake mixes as well as..Barbeque sauce,ketchup and low carb jam! Just being there was literally like being a kid in a candy store! They sell rye bread and white bread...... all fiber rich and made with milk solids and whey and other tasty low-carb ingredients! They even sold a low-carb ice cream that was tasty and satisfying...

The brownie muffins they sell come from a place in Florida called "LOW CARB WORLD" and are made with ...almond meal, un-bleached flour, soy flour, soy protein and walnuts... they taste remarkably like the real deal! They have a 3.0 carb and a 3.0 fiber value which as you can see is about as close to NO carb as one can get! We have devised a great dessert from these muffins and the wonderful "DAVINCI" syrups which I will share with you now... it is

Brownie Strawberry Short-cake
2 Pints Fresh Strawberries
2 cups Heavy Cream
3 Tbs.. Davinci Vanilla Syrup
2 Tbs. Davinci Raspberry Syrup
Juice of one half small lemon
2 Low Carb World Brownie Muffins

Split each muffin in half and put one half in each plate. Pour 1/4 cup of heavy cream on each and let sit while you prepare the strawberries. Cut the strawberries into quarters and put into a bowl with the lemon juice and both syrups. Let macerate at least 1 hour in the fridge. To serve... spoon the strawberries onto the muffins and top each with the rest of the cream......... feel guilty for a second, then smile and eat with gusto. Serves four happy low-carbers! By the way, these syrups have absolutely NO carbs OR calories, so add as much as you like I guess....

Love, Patti

P.S. The address is for this remarkable store is,

Your Weigh to Success
148 Manetto Hill Road
Plainview NY 11803

Boy, wasn't that a wonderful, generous letter? Thanks, Patti!! You've just made all of my readers in your area very, very happy, and all my readers everywhere else very, very jealous! (So go nag your local stores to call Low Carb World in Florida, and start carrying their products!)

By the way, here's a link where you can attain the "unattainable" Splenda -- and you should!

Good stuff, that Splenda! Best artificial sweetener I've tried yet.

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