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Lowcarbezine! 23 March 2000

Hey, Gang!

As I write this, I'm wondering if this issue will get out on time!! We've been updating our computer systems here at Hold the Toast, and you know how that throws every thing off track. Couldn't write for most of the day, since the webmaster was installing stuff and networking and doing all sorts of things I only vaguely understand, so I did some cooking instead. I've come up with a cracker that has a good texture, and tastes great, with lots of protein and very low carbs. Only one teensy little problem-ette -- it adhered to the cookie sheet with a tenacity awesome to behold. Great crumbs, though!! (I like to tell you these things, so you get an idea of what I'm doing here at HTT...) I'm pretty sure I know how to lick *that* little problem, however, so a cracker recipe is on the way!

On to the 'zine! My first article today is one I've been promising for a while -- about the breathing exercises that have made a big difference in my fitness in the past year. Good stuff; hope you like it.


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