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Hey, Gang!

It's *warm* out!  It's in the high fifties!  See, I *told* you that
Groundhog Day meant spring was coming!  Yes, I know that it will get
cold again, but it's so lovely to have this respite, and to go for a
*walk* for a change!!  I just love this time of year, when the spring is
just *barely* starting; it's so exciting, with the whole spring and
summer ahead of us!  

Many thanks to all of you who inquired after my mom's health, and
offered best wishes and prayers.  Mom is fine; she just needed to take
it easy for a day or two, so I went and ran errands and
fetched-and-carried (and scolded her when she got up to get her own
coffee.  "Hey, what am *I* here for, huh?")  She's been a terrific mom;
she deserves all the support her kids can give her.

Anyway, lots of stuff today, including not just one, but *two*
incredible Valentine's Day dessert recipes!

Read on!



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Valentine's Day Alert!

Don't look now, but piles of red satin boxes full of *SUGAR* are taking
over your community, taking over, flooding every retail establishment,
from grocery stores to truck stops.  Yep, it's Valentine's Day!

It bemuses me how so many holidays have their own very particular sugar
tradition.  Halloween?  Candy in general, but with something of an
emphasis on candies you don't see much for the rest of the year: 
Smartees, Necco Wafers, wax teeth, candy corn and mellocreme pumpkins,
stuff like that.  Virtually any candy goes at Halloween.  Easter? 
Chocolate, yes, but also the *really*
sugary stuff, like marshmallow Peeps, and butter creme eggs. Christmas? 
A broad-based festival of sugar; not just candy but cookies and
traditional desserts, not to mention eggnog and hot chocolate and
spiced, sweetened apple cider.  Thanksgiving is low key by comparison to
all of these; just pie, whether pumpkin or apple or sweet potato.

Valentine's Day is -- as we all know -- primarily about *chocolate*. 
Lots of chocolate.  Piles and piles of chocolate. Oh, yes, you see the
hearts" around, but how many of them does anyone actually *eat*?  Heck,
I can't even remember what flavor they are.

Anyway, the upshot is that once again the world around you is going to
be practically *bathing*
in sugar.  What's a low carber to do?

Here, in no particular order, are some ideas.  (Those of you who were
reading this time last year will find that these ideas haven't changed a
lot over the past year...)

* First, decide just how important a holiday Valentine's Day is to
*you*.  Personally, I don't think it's any big deal.  The husband and I
will probably swap roses, and that's *that*.  Hey, we live and breathe
true love every day of the year, what do we need Valentine's Day for? 
(Although the first Valentine's Day we were together we got snowed in
for three days.  Now *that* I could do again.)  But who am I to choose
what holidays are important to *you*?  Maybe you're the Harlequin
Romance queen.  So make a clear-eyed appraisal of your personal feelings
about this Festival of Romance.

* If you decide that Valentine's Day is a big deal for you, next decide
how big a place chocolates have in your own personal Valentine's Day
philosophy.  Or would you enjoy some other expression of romantic love? 
(Or non-romantic love, for that matter.  My mom used to give me
Valentine's chocolates when I was a kid.)  

Not sure?  How about some ideas for other Valentine's gifts?

* Flowers.  You can have your chocolates, I'll take a pile o' posies! 
Or a beautiful flowering plant, for a gift that lasts.

* Lingerie!  Yes, there *is* beautiful, slinky lingerie in your size. 
Check out Lane Bryant, or some of the plus sized fashion websites.  Stop
thinking of yourself as fat, and think of yourself as deliciously curvy
for a change.  (Ladies, consider giving your guy a pair of silk boxers,
preferably without lip prints or Garfield all over them.)

* How about a hot-tub date?  Around here, you can rent a private hot tub
for an hour for, if I recall correctly, $25.  Very romantic.

* If you really want to go all-out, how about a romantic get-away?  Find
a country inn, a bed and breakfast, or a luxurious downtown hotel, call
a baby sitter, and get out of Dodge!

* How about a massage, a pedicure, a facial, a makeover, or some other
pampering service?

* If the budget's tight, you could rent a romantic video.  Four Weddings
and a Funeral comes to mind, or When Harry Met Sally, or my favorite, a
little-known British film from 1989 called Getting It Right.  I'd avoid
Romeo and Juliet; death isn't sexy.  Add a bottle of wine, and you've
got a cheap but romantic date.

* If the budget isn't tight at all -- if, indeed, money is no object --
how about *jewelry*?  I'd say heart-cut ruby earrings would be romantic,
wouldn't you?  

But maybe you still just *have* to have CHOCOLATE!!!  Fine!  Okay!  Hey,
it's your Valentine's Day celebration.  Here are some strategies for
Indulging Without Bulging.

* Make the Angel Tarts in the Cooking Low Carb! recipe section, below. 
Fabulous.  Delicious.  Decadent.  Dangerously chocolatey!  And low
carb.  Go for it.

* Order some sugar-free chocolate candies from one of our wonderful
advertisers, or see if your local chocolate shop has any sugar-free
varieties.  (Fanny Mae, a midwestern chain, has very good sugar free
chocolates.)  Technically, these candies are not low carb, because the
polyols used to sweeten them are actually a form of carbohydrate. 
However, they're a form of carbohydrate that is difficult for us to
digest or absorb, so they cause very little blood sugar rise and/or
insulin release.  These sugar free chocolate candies have gotten
*amazingly* good; you wouldn't know they were sugar free if you weren't
told.  One new variety I've tried recently is a "crunch" bar from
Darrell Lea; it tastes *just* like a Nestle's Crunch bar.  However, my
favorite is still the Darrell Lea dark chocolate covered coffee beans! 
Both are available from Synergy Diet http://www.synergydiet.com . 
Another brand about which I've heard good things is Carbolite, available
through Carb Smart http://www.webbalah.net/carbsmart.html . (Warning: 
You cannot eat sugar free candy in large quantity.  It will act as a
laxative.  You *will* be sorry!  And even in lesser amounts, it can
cause, er, well -- gas.  Not romantic.  Go easy.)  

* For that matter, Synergy Diet now offers sugar free cheesecakes, and
they have a chocolate flavor that is *very* chocolatey.  Also very,
very dense and rich.  Creamy.  Flavorful.  And in my freezer.  Hmmm...
maybe it's time for a break... http://www.synergydiet.com  (The
cheesecake also comes in lemon, raspberry, and plain.)

* If you decide you just *have* to have "real" (sugary) chocolates, *GO
EASY*.  No fair deciding that Valentine's Day is an Indulgence Day and
talking your honey out of a five pound box of chocolates!  You know and
I know that one of two things is going to happen with that five pound
box -- either you're going to eat it all in one day, which is very bad
news indeed, or you're going to be noshing on chocolates for several
days straight, at which point your low carb Way of Eating is shot to
hell-and-gone.  Instead, get just a few decadently expensive
chocolates from a gourmet shop, enjoy them, and call it quits there.

* Remember, too, that some types of chocolates are going to have a more
drastic blood sugar impact than others.  Easiest on your blood sugar are
chocolate covered nuts -- peanut clusters, chocolate covered almonds,
and the like.  Worst is anything with a center of almost pure sugar --
caramels, nougats, chocolate covered cherries, that sort of thing.  And,
of course, dark chocolate has less sugar in it than milk chocolate.  So
if you like, say, dark chocolate covered pecans, they're one of the
least damaging choices.  However, if you're actually going to have a
sugar Indulgence, I say get what you really want,  enjoy it, and get
right back to your low carb lifestyle.  Don't waste an Indulgence on
anything that isn't exactly what you want!

Do you work in an office where people bring in sugary stuff for every
possible occasion?  Are you going to be facing a break room full of
pink-and-red iced sugar cookies, or something of the sort?  Don't forget
to take something yummy and low carb with you!  I remind you yet again
of the recipe for Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse to DIE For!, at my
website. http://www.holdthetoast.com/recipes.html .  (By the way, I've
had several queries regarding the carb count for this recipe.  It's a
little tough, since I give you some leeway in how much heavy cream to
use, and of course you get to decide on serving size yourself.  But made
with the lesser amount of heavy cream, and assuming that the recipe
makes five servings, it's about 4 grams a serving.  If you use more
cream, and make more servings, the carb count drops.)  The mousse
travels nicely in a snap-top container, and should keep till lunchtime,
at any rate, even without a refrigerator.  Much longer, of course, if
you do have a fridge at work!

Last advice:  Valentine's Day is really supposed to be about love, not
chocolate.  (No, love of chocolate was *not* what St. Valentine had in
mind.)  Focus on the love!!

And may Cupid aim straight and true!


Tired of eggs for breakfast?  How about a giant *MUFFIN*?  Huge, low
carb, high protein ready-to-eat muffins! Chocolate, vanilla, blueberry,
banana, peanut butter, or apple spice!!  Enough protein to fill you up
and keep you going all morning!!  And only a few carbs each!  YOU'VE
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Email!  I Get Email!

Thought this was one of my most interesting reader comments:

Your book is fabulous! It has confirmed everything I've always suspected
- and experienced- but been "poo-pooed" at by physicians for years. 

For two decades I was the fattest "strict vegetarian" you ever saw. My
daughter, now 23, was born with such severe hyperinsulinism that she
spent 8 weeks in the Ohio State University teaching hospital while they
tried to "diagnose" the problem. She was breast-fed only the first 6
months,( no problems), then the pediatrician insisted on starting her on
"solids" even though I objected. I started adding homemade baby food
veggies and she started having seizures and convulsions. When she ate
carbs her blood sugar would drop below 20! The doctors told me then that
hyperinsulinism was a recessive trait genetic disorder and never
mentioned it was a NUTRITIONAL disorder. It took me years and many
pounds and some pretty low self-esteem to realize why my three children
and I were eating only "healthy" food and getting bigger and bigger and
more and more listless.

Thanks to your book we are all Lo-Carbers for life and loving it. It's
really something we can "live" with even though we are getting an
incredible amount of "flack" from many of our relatives. I've discovered
a whole new world of Low-Carb fellow travelers on the Internet and
that's great...but my first thanks goes to you! 
Keep up the great work. I love the LowCarbezine. 

Susanna Luthy

Boy, oh, boy, does stuff like this make me smile!!  Thanks, Susanna! 
Glad you like the book and the ezine.  Even gladder that you and yours
have found health!


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Email From a Low Carb Cardiologist

Dear Dana,

I was amused by the statement in your recent newsletter about the
adolescent high fat and low fat diet study.

"What both astounds and amuses me is this comment from one researcher:
"I worry about telling kids to go on nothing but a high-fat diet.
That's bad news... We're not talking about teaching kids over the
long-term to eat a healthy diet.""

I am a cardiologist who has been putting my patients on low carbohydrate
diets for about a year. The ones who follow it do wonderfully, but you
would NOT believe the incredible grief that they get from other people
and their other doctors.

People have been absolutely brainwashed by the low fat mantra and
despite having solid personal data (like having their weight,
cholesterol, and blood pressure return to normal -- not to mention
great and freedom from indigestion or migraines!) they are still
'worried' about eating 'all that fat'...

I've seen comments in progress notes from other doctors who also see my
patients like "Dr. Smith has put Mr. X on a high protein diet and the
patient is eating saturated fat despite my recommendations... his blood
pressure and cholesterol are improved and he's stopped two of his
medications." I can almost see the doctor scratching his head trying to
figure this out.

Poor Dr. Atkins has been fighting this for 30 years... he calls this
problem of ignoring solid data that conflicts with deeply held beliefs
'cognitive dissonance' and it is really interesting to see it in

Anyway, us 'maverick' MDs are trying to get people to follow a low carb
lifestyle, but we have tremendous obstacles too...

Melinda Smith, MD

Thanks, Melinda.  Just one thing, though -- I would, too, believe the
incredible grief people get from other people about their low carb
diets.  My favorite, recently, has reports from two different
readers that they have been told, in all seriousness, that even though
their cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar, and
weight have all improved dramatically on their low carb diets, their
arteries are still clogging up silently from all that evil *FAT*!  No
evidence, no medical research to back up the assertion, just the firmly
held, quasi-religious belief that low fat is *GOOD* and low carb is
*BAD*.  The mind boggles, but I do my best to laugh.

And for the record, there's a cardiothoracic surgeon here in my hometown
of Bloomington, Indiana, a charming fellow by the name of Dr. Martin
O'Neill, who puts all his bypass patients on a low carb diet to keep
them from needing to come back for another surgery.  Dr. O'Neill got
interested in low carb because he has a son with juvenile onset
diabetes, whose health has been *dramatically* improved by a low carb
diet.  He was so impressed with the results for his son, he tried the
diet himself and found his bloodwork improved.  He did the research, and
the rest is history.  He's even started making inroads with the
hospital's registered dietitians!


THAN HEATH BARS! SynergyDiet.com is proud to offer you these delicious
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call our toll free number 1-877-877-1558. Happy Low Carb Valentine's Day
from Synergy Diet!  


Reader Review of _How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost Forty Pounds!_

Don't let the cover fool you! This book gets 10 stars!, July 4, 2000 
I bought this book and read it in 2 days. It should be a "must" have for
any low carb dieter. Dana gives info on all the various low carb diets
out there, so you can choose which works for you. She gives you a wealth
of information that I didn't find in the Heller's book or the Eades'
book. She tells you what works and what doesn't.

 I almost didn't buy this book because the cover looked, well, weird.
Never judge a book by its cover! The inside flap has a wonderful before
and after shots of Dana, and she is quite pretty. The book had cute
little cartoon guys and girls that made me smile. 

If your still in doubt, read through Amazon's listing of her table of
contents. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I almost gave up my low carb
diet in spite of the benefits because I was struggling with some things-
but Dana cleared up some things. Like I was gnashing my teeth a lot, and
Dana gave a lot of info on supplements (do not buy the store
multivitamin junk- not sufficient at all! ). I gnashed my teeth because
I was not getting the correct minerals and vitamins. Read the book, find
out more! 

This book is awesome! I have lost 15 lbs in 2 months and this book will
help me reach my goal, and live happily ever after. What more could you
ask for?

sleeplessincs, MI

Thanks, Sleepless -- hope you're sleeping better! ;-)

If you'd like to read the first chapter of _How I Gave Up My Low Fat
Diet and Lost Forty Pounds!_ for FREE, you'll find it at
http://www.holdthetoast.com , along with the foreword and the table of
contents.  And a FAQ, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

You can order the book through the website, or you can go to
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0966883101/lowcarbohysoluti and
find it at Amazon.com, along with a whole pile of other nice things
people have said about it!

Or, for that matter, you can visit
http://www.webbalah.net/carbsmart.html , and order
it from Carb Smart, where it's at a discount.  Low Carb Grocery has it
at a discount, too -- http://www.lowcarbgrocery.com .

If you'd like to buy the book from a bookstore, you'll probably have to
special order it.  If you're in the USA, this shouldn't be a problem --
just tell them that you want to order _How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and
Lost Forty Pounds!_ by Dana Carpender, and that the ISBN is
0-9668831-0-1.  You could also tell them that they can order it through
Baker and Taylor; one of the country's biggest book wholesalers.  We do
ship to Canadian bookstores.

If you're outside of the US, your best bet is to order from Amazon.com.
We can ship internationally from here at Hold the Toast, too, but we're
not set up for it big-time like Amazon is.  If you're a book wholesaler
outside the US and interested in carrying _How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet
and Lost Forty Pounds!_, we'd love to hear from you!


Reader's New Years Questions

Here are some more reader responses to my New Years Questions.  For
those of you who are just joining us (We've added over 500 new readers
in the past 2 weeks!), the questions were:

1) I want to know what you're proudest of in the past year (does *NOT*
have to be health and diet related!)  New Year's Resolutions tend to be
about the ways we feel we're not good enough, not measuring up, and how
to be better.  Tell us about a way that you're already *great*!

2) I want to know what important thing you *completed* this past year. 
We're all *way* too busy, and we tend to see the great mass of things we
still need to do, instead of the things we've actually gotten done.  As
a result, we tend not to feel we're getting *anything* done!  So to give
yourself that sense of closure and accomplishment, share something
you've gotten done this year!

3) I want to know what you intend to add to your life this year simply
because it will bring you joy!  Not because it will make you slimmer, or
healthier, or richer, or more organized -- just because it will put a
great big grin on your face, and make your heart sing. More sleep? Going
dancing regularly?  Lunch with friends more often? Taking voice lessons?
Getting a makeover?  Treating yourself to a massage weekly?  Paying
someone else
to clean your house?  Installing a lock on the bathroom door and taking
a long soak on a regular basis? Make plans to be happy in 2001!

4) Last, but certainly not least, we all want to know your single best
low carb dieting tip, recipe, or strategy!

So here are two sets of answers I received:

Diane in Missouri writes:

1. The best thing to happen to me?? I now have two new grandsons. Brian
is 4 months old
and Tyler is 10 months old and I love to spoil them both!
2. I lost 30 pounds with Atkins and am looking forward to losing more in
3. I plan to continue this Way OfLife and lose more weight. I want to
love my husband more, spend more time with my 15 year old daughter who
will be 16 in less then a month  :(
4. Simple recipe:
   8 oz cream cheese
   1/2 cup salsa  (hot as you want it)
   Artificial Sweetener to taste
mix together and enjoy with pork rinds, or veggies.

Happy New Year to you too Dana.

And to you, Diana!  And happy Sweet Sixteen to your daughter!

And Rita in Vermont writes:

1) I am proudest of my resolve from last year to exercise daily.  I have
stuck with it and increased my time working out.  As a result of that
and increasing water and protein I have gone from a size 20w to a size
14 misses.  Although the weight loss is very slow right now, I am closer
to a goal weight set by my doctor than I ever have been in my life.  I
out of the plus sizes and this is a first for me too.

2) This is a tough one because I have so many ongoing things.  I think
finally getting under 200 lbs for the first time in my adult life is a
dream come true.

3) I intend to take care of me more.   Try to take time to do the things
like to do like go horseback riding, driving in the mountains, go on a
picnic with my kids.  All this stuff was put on *hold*  for a long time
because first off, at 463 lbs, I could not do these things and in the
past year I never made the time for it.

4) Exercise first thing in the morning.  It starts the day off with a
positive note and I tend to be more vigilant about what goes in my
mouth.  After all, why should I work my ass off only to sabotage it.

Rita, by the way, has lost a couple of extra people!!  Over 263 pounds,
by my calculations.  I stand in awe of my readers.

I'm loving these New Years answers.  More next issue!


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Product Reviews

Raise your hand if you're tired of eggs for breakfast.

I never get tired of them, personally, but I regularly get email from
people who beg me to tell them what else they can have.  And I answer,
"Sausage.  Ham.  A burger.  Chops.  A protein shake.  Cottage cheese. 
Anything you'd eat at any other meal."

And now, cereal!

Yes, there is now low carb cereal on the market!  On the cruise, we
tried low carb "cereals":  Keto Crisp and  Nutlettes.  They both got
pretty high marks, although they are both soy based, which worries me.

Keto Crisp is a soy version of Rice Krispies, and it really is quite
similar in texture, and not that far off in taste.  It has only 2 grams
of carbohydrate per serving, and a whopping 22 grams of protein -- about
the same as three eggs!  It also has no genetically modified organisms,
if that is of concern to you.

What is of concern to me, as I mentioned, is soy itself.  I know that
government and the media are currently convinced that soy is the Great
Savior of the Universe, but I'm just not convinced.  I worry about
evidence that soy is hard on the thyroid gland, and the suspicion that
it may contribute to brain aging, not to mention to genital birth
defects in boy babies.  (The latter two, by the way, remain unproven. 
The thyroid connection, however, is well established.)  And it is the
very soy isoflavones that Keto Crisp brags about on its label that worry

On the other hand, they make *terrific* cookie bars!  I'm not likely to
eat these for breakfast -- I never was a big Rice Krispies fan anyway --
but I'll keep these around to make the occasional batch of Cocoa Peanut
Logs, and may try combining them with Darrell Lea sugar free
marshmallows to make -- yep, you guessed it:  Low Carb Marshmallow
Treats!  But I probably will keep these down to an occasional item in my
diet, rather than a staple.  

And if Rice Krispies were always your very favorite cereal, you might
try these.  I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Nutlettes is another soy cereal, this time quite similar in texture and
flavor to Grape Nuts.  They're higher in carb than the Keto Crisp -- 15
grams a serving, with 9 grams of fiber, for a usable carb count of 6 g.
per serving.  The protein content here is even higher -- 25 grams in a
1/2 cup serving.  Sure beats Grape Nuts!  

But the same concerns about soy apply here.  And I'm not likely to make
cookies out of these!  However, I do have a recipe for Grape Nuts
muffins around somewhere; might be interesting to see how well it
adapted.  Some of the cruisers also suggested that this cereal would be
useful for replacing bread crumbs in things like meat loaf, or for
topping a casserole, and I think it well might be.  Again, I will use
them only occasionally, because of my concerns about soy.

Like Rice Krispies, Grape Nuts were not my favorite cold cereal before I
went low carb, but if they were yours, you may want to try Nutlettes. 
(Okay, you're thinking, what *was* her favorite cereal before she went
low carb?  Depending on the day, Cheerios or Wheaties with sliced
With our cereal we tried Keto Milk, a low carb milk substitute.  Despite
not actually being milk, it is dairy (rather than soy) based.  As a
group, we were dubious about this product; we pretty much expected to
hate it, but we didn't.  We agreed that, on cereal at least, it tastes
just like milk.  Not sure I'd drink a big glass of it, but then, a big
glass of milk isn't anything I miss.  If it's something *you* miss, or
if you're trying the cereals, Keto Milk might be something you'd like to
look into.

Keto Crisp, Nutlettes, and Keto Milk were all sent along for our
cruisers by (once again!) Synergy Diet: http://www.synergydiet.com

Another breakfast possibility is the high protein, low carb
pudding-and-shake mix from Low Carb Grocery.  This is an interesting
product; you can mix it with less water (adding some cream, if you like,
for texture) to get a pudding texture, or with more to make a shake. 
There are four flavors -- vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana; we
tried strawberry and banana.  The vanilla and banana flavorings were
quite strong; indeed, everybody knew when I was mixing up the banana
pudding, because you could smell it all over the room!

Reviews were mixed; some liked this product very well, while others (me
included) found it too sweet.  The consensus was that if you were new to
low carb, and still had a very strong sweet tooth, you might well like
the pudding/shake mix.  I know that Rich Oliver (Hi, Rich!) of Low Carb
Grocery sells a *lot* of this product, and loves it himself.  It
certainly is convenient -- you could even take it to work with you -- 
and the price is pretty reasonable -- $6.93 for 6 servings.

The pudding/shake mixes vary a bit in carb and protein content from
flavor to flavor, but average around 2 grams of carb per serving, and 16
grams of protein, about the same protein content as two eggs.  Also, I
like the idea of a product that you can eat as a pudding *or* a shake;
there are a *lot* of protein shakes out there, but sometimes you get
tired of drinking your meals!

All told, a useful product to know about!  Protein Pudding and Shake Mix
is available from Low Carb Grocery: http://www.lowcarbgrocery.com

Now eat your breakfast!


Here's what one dieter has to say about Dr. Paul M. Kanter's diet
 Using Dr. Kanter's Slenderpro diet plan and supplements, I have lost 10
pounds in 10 days and have never felt better. -- R. Culver, California
Dr. Kanter's Slenderpro is a starch blocker, and contains no ephedrine,
guarana, caffeine or steroids!  Completely safe. 
http://www.justsaynotocarbs.com 1-800-428-3328


That's it for this week!  See you next week!

Dana W. Carpender

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