Lowcarbezine! 24 October 2002

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Hey, Gang -

Here it is! I know it's a little late; it's not the first time - and while I'm promoting 500 Low Carb Recipes, I'm not promising it won't be late again. So far I've done a radio interview - lots of fun! - and a book signing at Sahara Mart, the local grocery I've mentioned as my best source for low carb specialty products. If you're in the area - Bloomington, Indiana - they have autographed copies on hand. I'm doing another book signing tonight, this one at Howard's bookstore, also in Bloomington - but I doubt any of you will get this in time to make it. :-(

However, any public appearances or media events that I know about far enough in advance, I'll announce here in the ezine. I'll tell you now that it looks like I'll be making some appearances in the South - maybe Nashville, Mobile, or Birmingham - the week before Thanksgiving. Hopefully the schedule will be firmed up in time for me to let you all know!

In the meanwhile, here's the 'zine. Read on!


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Facing the Holidays, or A Good Offense is the Best Defense!

I trust that all of you who celebrate Halloween have taken my advice (yeah, everybody takes my advice, that'll be the day!) and made moves to defend yourself from the onslaught of candy that is rapidly approaching. So let's look a little further down the road, shall we, and see if we can figure out how to reach the New Year with our figures and our health intact.

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That's 10% - pretty sweet! But it gets even better. Because every bit of our huge selection of low carb products - from protein powder to tortillas, from cookbooks to candy, is discounted already! You can't afford not to CHECK IT OUT!

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While you're at the site, read our recipes, interviews, and low carb success stories, too!

If you're low carb and smart, you'll shop Carb Smart!


They're Here! They're FINALLY Here!

Remember those support and discussion lists I promised you over a year ago, when Lowcarbezine! went from a weekly to a biweekly format? Well, they're finally ready to go. We've got lists for Basic Low Carb dieters - Atkins, Protein Power, and other ketogenic-style diets - Carbohydrate Addict's style Mini-Binge dieters, Zone-style 30-40-30 dieters, Vegetarian low carbers, folks who are eating glycemic index based diets, folks who are low carbing to control their diabetes or polycystic ovarian syndrome, folks who are watching both carbs and calories, and of course, the list everyone begged for, the low carb recipe exchange!

All of the lists are free to anyone with an email account! Keep in mind that they will increase your email traffic, perhaps considerably - if you're not supposed to get personal email at work, you'll want to use your home address. But we hope they'll serve as a great support and informational network for everyone!

To get the details and sign up - you may join as many lists as interest you - just go to http://www.holdthetoast.com/listsurvey.html All the details are there!

Quote of the Day

"We tend to accept compromises which are not compulsory. For instance, the medical definition of good health is the absence of disease. And that definition is flexible enough so that an insurance company will accept you as healthy if you have nothing more than a little sinus trouble with postnasal drip, six colds per year, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence, constipation, dry hair, a couple of allergies (so long as they don't give you asthma), decayed teeth, periodontal disease, irritability, fatigability, insomnia, and difficulty in concentrating. Which means that the popular definition of health is any state of well-being that allows you to walk on the street without falling flat on your face - if the wind is blowing in the right direction." - Dr. Carlton Fredericks, Dr. Carlton Fredericks' New and Complete Nutrition Handbook: Your Key to Good Health

Dr. Fredericks is a hero of mine; he wrote in the middle of the Twentieth Century, and yet I find much of his stuff is still cutting-edge. As for this great quote, I see this attitude all the time, don't you? I vividly remember chatting with a gentleman from my husband's lodge, who asserted he was in pretty darned good health - you know, except for the fact that he was a good seventy pounds overweight, diabetic, asthmatic, and had undergone a bypass operation the year before...

I prefer instead another definition of health, this one from Funk and Wagnall's Dictionary: "...an optimal state of functioning of the organism - never achieved."

Well, maybe not, but it's always good to have something to shoot for!

The Reviews Are Coming In!

I've started getting reader feedback about 500 Low-Carb Recipes. Here's what one reader had to say:

Love this book! Even though I own several low carb cookbooks, I can tell this one will be one of my two favorites (the other is Jennifer Eloff's 'Splendid Low-Carbing'). It is at a bargain price at Amazon right now, too.

I knew there would be 500 recipes, but didn't expect such a large cookbook. The variety is great! Although I am not a big bread eater, after three years of low-carbing I have missed an occasional piece of toast. Lots of low-carb loaves have been tossed to the dog, who didn't care much for

them, either. The loaf of oatmeal molasses bread that I made from this book is a winner!

Thanks for a terrific book.

Jenita (Missouri)

Thank you, Jenita. That oatmeal molasses bread is my decarbed version of the bread that won my mother first prize at every fair she entered it in! So glad you like the book! (Now try the chocolate chip cookies!)

To order 500 Low-Carb Recipes from Amazon:
United States: Amazon.com
Canada: Amazon.ca

And to order How I Gave Up My LowFat Diet - and Lost Forty Pounds:
United States: Amazon.Com
Canada: Amazon.Ca

Vitamins 101

Continuing right along, it's time for us to talk about vitamin B5. You may not have heard of B5, because it's rarely called B5 - it generally goes by the name pantothenic acid or panthenol. If you think you recognize that latter name from your shampoo label, you're right. Panthenol is often added to shampoo, although I confess that I don't know what it's supposed to do for your hair. So let's talk about what panthenol can do for your body, instead.

Here are some good things to know about panthenol, or B5:

Shameless Self Promotion

I don't know about your public library, but mine has a policy of purchasing virtually any book requested by a patron. Don't you think your public library needs a copy of 500 Low-Carb Recipes? And maybe even a copy of How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost Forty Pounds? And just think, you'll get to read them for free! (Of course, I'm figuring that having borrowed them from the library, you'll love them so much you'll want to buy your very own copies to keep. Clearly my ego hasn't lost any weight...)

Low Carb Christmas Shopping!

It's almost November! For many of us, that means it's time to start shopping in earnest. Do you have any low carb dieters on your list? For the next few issues, I'll be suggesting possible gifts for the low carber. Who knows? If you drop enough hints, some of these might end up under your tree.

More suggestions in future issues!

Cooking Low Carb!

This was one of those recipes you just come up with out of what's in the house at the time - and it turned out so well, I'd be willing to go buy the ingredients to make it!

Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

1 pound ground beef

1/2 cup chopped onion

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 can tomatoes with green chilies, divided

1 egg

1/2 cup half and half

1/2 cup pork rind crumbs

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon salt or Vegesal

1/2 teaspoon pepper

3 big, nicely shaped green peppers

In a large bowl combine the ground beef, onion, garlic, cup of the tomatoes with chilies, the egg, half and half, pork rind crumbs, and seasonings. Using clean hands, combine very well. Cut your peppers in half from top to bottom, and scoop out the seeds and core. Form the meat mixture into 6 equal balls, and press each into a pepper half, mashing it down a little to fill the peppers. Arrange peppers in a baking pan as you stuff them. Spoon the remaining tomatoes over the top, and bake at 350 for 75 - 90 minutes. This makes 6 servings from 1 pound of ground beef, which is pretty impressive! Filling, too. Each serving has 9 grams of carbohydrate, with 2 grams of fiber, for a usable carb total of 7 grams. 52 grams of protein.

That's it for this issue! See you next issue!


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