Exhausted in San Diego

Finally checking in. I've been in San Diego since January 30th, and haven't had a quiet moment.

I spent a week going through stuff in my Dad's condo and packing. Since the 6th I've had workmen in, and have been running to Lowe's to pick up supplies, and doing the unskilled labor needed to get the place ready for the market. I'm staying at my sister and brother-in-law's home, and get back here just in time to eat some supper and fall into bed. As I write this I'm wearing a tee-shirt I bought new for $1.29 at the Goodwill down the street this morning; it's already covered with bleach stains from scrubbing stuff with Softscrub With Bleach.

Still, I wanted to check in, say "hi," and let you know I haven't forgotten you.

Also thought I should say a few words about Valentine's Day -- which I should be home for, God willing and the crick don't rise. Those words are these:

Yes, I know that heart-shaped, satin-covered boxes of chocolates are appearing in every retail establishment, including truck stops and convenience stores. This is not a good reason to eat their contents. There is a great deal of excellent sugar-free chocolate on the market (says one who knows.) If it must be in a heart-shaped box to count, fancy candy stores should be able to special-pack one with sugar-free treats. (Eat them in moderation, or the gastric results will spoil the mood.)

However, there are a whole lot of other romantic ideas out there. Please consider the heart-flutter value of:

* Flowers. Love 'em. Flowering plants are nice, too. And they'll never spike your blood sugar.

* Slinky lingerie. Available in all sizes, and if you buy from the right place it will look sexier on a body with curves.

* A bottle of great wine in front of the fireplace. A classic.

* A romantic movie. Perhaps accompanied by sugar-free chocolate, slinky lingerie, and a bottle of wine?

* A candle-lit dinner for two. Doesn't have to be complicated to be fabulous. A steak, lobster tails, or seared duck breast (I did this last V-Day), plus a great salad or grilled asparagus, and a bottle of wine (have I mentioned wine?) should do it. You could go out, of course, but I find restaurants off-putting-ly crowded on Valentine's Day.)

Just remember that sweets don't equal love, and you should be okay.

It's 9:30 here on the West Coast, and I'm still wearing the filthy tee shirt I came home in, and haven't had supper. I'm out of here. Just know that I'm still thinking of you; I'll blog more when I get back to the midwest.

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spiking blood sugar

Hi Dana,
Just wanted to let you know of a new product from Natur Research Foods, Inc, (no 'e' at the end of 'Natur') that is not supposed to spike blood sugars and is purported to be the 'first all-natural sugar substitute.' It's being test marketed in select Sam's Clubs, which is where I found it and bought a bag. Measures one to one with sugar but has 40% fewer calories and is 'low glycemic.' It's supposed to bake like sugar, too, without having to add bulking agents. It has 2 g carbs per serving, both of which are sugars, so you can't go wild with it, but it appears to be better than the alternative artificial products (aspartame and sucralose). Just thought I'd pass this along in case you hadn't heard of it! Best of luck getting the property fixed up and sold. Take care!