About a million years ago, I wrote a Lowcarbezine! article about the concept of "fun." I had been to visit a friend whose husband bought up overruns and closeouts, and sold them to places like Big Lots and the dollar stores. He had offered me a big tub of cookies he'd gotten a good deal on. I had said thanks but no thanks, I didn't eat sugar. His response was, "What, you never have any fun?"

Well, it's happening again. Have you seen the ad for the new "Oreo Candy Bites?" Jingly, nostalgic music plays, while a grown woman looks out of a car window at kids in a tree house, jumping rope, blowing bubbles. Finally the car pulls up by a big carousel, and she goes skipping gaily toward it. The tag line is "Bring the fun of candy back into your life," followed by the now-common touting of their junk food as coming in "100 calorie packs."

Did you see the bait-and-switch? You're not going to get to actually do fun things. No bubbles for you, no tree house, no jumping rope. You don't get to ride on the brightly-colored merry-go-round. Nope. You get to sit at your desk and eat highly-processed junk food out of a mylar packet. That's enough fun for you.

Sorry, Nabisco, I ain't buying it. Eating sugary garbage does not make data entry or washing the dishes or being stuck in rush hour traffic "fun."

Folks, if you feel short on fun, please, don't reach for highly processed crappe. Do something fun. Roll down a hill. Play a game with your kids. Wrestle with the dog. Read a trashy novel. Have some pals over for a potluck. Watch a silly movie. Dance. Go to a cat show, or an RV show, or a science fiction convention, or a Renaissance faire, or whatever suits your fancy. Go find a carousel, for goodness' sake!

Junk food is a poor substitute for fun. If you want fun, make some. Don't expect it to come out of a mylar pouch.

I'd love some responses with ideas for fun stuff to do!

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Run a string through the woods to lead preschool grandkids to a pirate treasure.
Go to an old city and gargoyle hunt with a camera.
Learn to make a crazy quilt
Wear something my mother would have called a "conversation piece."
Ask people what they would think if you dyed your hair purple. You don't have to do it but it's a blast to just ask.
Help out at an animal shelter. The dogs all need walking and the kittens need a scritch and it's fun.
See the world from a different angle, climb a tree or a ladder or stand in a hole just for fun.
Really use your senses, find out which bird is making the fuss outside.
There's more but dinner is ready, have fun!!


For fun in our family we play the deserted island game: you know, you're going to be stuck on an island, what stuff will you take? Tonight we were choosing books, and my six-year-old said, "I'd take the book "How To Escape from a Deserted Island."

Also going sledding is big fun, if you're in a snow zone.

reverse of what is needed

I can't think of anything that is actually "fun" that adds to your weight. Fun involves movement.

Then again the guy is from your description of his job, basically a sales guy. Sales guys are positive that everyone should think that the only thing that is fun is buying things and then consuming them. That as much as anything what is wrong with our society.

We talk about the "me generation". Well if the only want to have fun is for you to buy something and then consume it then you are the only thing that matter is fun. If, as the sales pitch our out nation holds out, this form of fun is the only thing that matters and you should not consider the rest of the world. Well following this to its logical conclusion is the root of all so many things that are problems in our nation.

I just had an interesting experience yesterday. As you know I stop for accidents and broke down cars on the road. I stopped for a guy over on 5th/kirkwood near the cemetery. Yeah right there where you can't get off or anything else. After I stopped two cops stopped. They could not comprehend that the reason my car and I were stopped there was because I saw the incident and stopped to help. They were sure for some reason we were hiding the fact we had been in an accident. The concept that one would actually stop willingly and get out and help move a broke down car out of a dangerous situation could not make their concept of logic.

So start a revolution that might actually change our nation. have some real fun and take someone who consumes for fun along. !!!!!!!