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Lowcarbezine! 23 March 2000

Website Review - Sugar Free Paradise

Okay, here's a first -- a website review!

(To be quite honest, I was of two minds about doing this. It's clearly a service to you, my readers. On the other hand, I sell advertising in this newsletter, and this amounts to giving it away for free. So here's what I decided -- one free mention per website. If all you folks go flocking to this site and buy, buy, buy, they can pay me for continuing exposure! I think that's fair to everyone.)

You all may remember the letter from Patti in New York a week or two ago, who had discovered a terrific store in her neck of the woods that sold all manner of low carb goodies, including low carb baked goods. Turns out that the bakery that supplied the store with those low carb baked goods has a website! Hey, folks, these folks sell low carb brownies.

The site is extensive, and pretty easy to navigate. They have breads, cookies, bake mixes, condiments -- stuff like sugar free barbecue sauce -- salad dressings, all kinds of stuff. The prices are, uh -- high. Quite high. Still, we're talking specialty products, here, and products that use more expensive ingredients than the usual -- the baked goods, for instance, include stuff like soy protein, almond flour, and oat bran, all of which run a good deal higher than cheap white flour. I haven't tried any of these baked goods, but we all have Patti's word for it that they're good, and that's good enough for me!

Just a few of the products available include bagels, pizza, several kinds of bread, several kinds of crackers, hamburger buns, brownies, and coconut cookies. Stop drooling! You'll short out your keyboard!

I will say that I, personally, will not be eating a lot of these baked goods. Why? Not so much because I'm worried about soy, although I am, but because I'm allergic to almonds; they make me wheeze. They are, however, a very nutritious nut, so if you don't have my little problem, they're a good choice. I still, however, would recommend that you eat these products with restraint -- soy *does* seem to be emerging as a hazard, in any great quantity, and these products still have white flour as their largest ingredient, and they do still have *some* carbs. You should still be basing your diet on protein, low carb veggies, nuts, seeds, and the like.

Still, anything that broadens your culinary horizons and makes you more content with your program is a good thing. The more content you are, the more likely you are to stick with it! This website, assuming you've got some money to spend, could be a useful part of your low carb arsenal.

Only one minor criticism of the site -- they desperately need a proof-reader. The site is full of misspellings like "crakers", "unbiched flour", "oat brean", and "almonds flour". Not a big deal, but somewhat unprofessional.

Oh, and one other important note -- the website includes the headline, "Yes, we're Kosher!" Good news for my Jewish readers! (And hey, they have low carb rugelach!)

The site is called Sugar Free Paradise. Check it out. And tell them I sent you! :-)

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